I spent some time on Thursday trying to tidy my studio and had some visitors, but did manage to finish some of my mittens. There’s not really anything to show- that’s what happens when they have to be sewn together etc. 

I have made a few pieces of coccoon stripping felt ready for another idea I have



I have been making more mittens today but forgot to take my camera to my studio so no pictures today.

I am almost finished making my mittens – have an almost complete set – 20 pairs but am bored with making them so have decided today that i will have a break and come back to them in a few weeks.


Today students have been collecting together some source material for the next project and experimenting with the embellishers.

We have also been looking at how to paint backgrounds for stitch.

I managed to sreeen print a couple more mitten fronts, one I quickly quilted and made into another pair.

i photographed some more 4×4’s today. i know whose is whose but could,nt tell you the month – you will have to look at the 9cre8 web site