Here is some student’s work in progress



Taught screen printing today and finished these!


Only had a short time this afternoon to try to finish these mittens.

They just need some tassels and thumbs.

I am at the stage of thinking why have I spent some much time on one piece of work. 


I am really keen to finish my mittens and with only a few more to go i am nearly finished – I have finished my Riga chocolates and balsam pair, done a little more on the sashes pair and started the black embroidered pair that will include the title and my name.

i have also made a little gems quilt for the Quilters Guild Tombola, now I will get my name on the website and a link to my website.

The small A4 sized quilt is made with needlepunched appliqued felt, machine quilted using jeans stitch thread.


I’ve been teaching in a school in Halifax today – making slippers this morning and block printing some fabric this afternoon to make a sari. We dyed it bright pink.