I have painted my May 4×4 ready for some stitching – it shows the camper van before the breakdown at Ness on the island of Lewis.

I have apinted and done a little stitching on my June contempoary Quilt Group Journal Quilt. It is painted JoLoMo style ans is of the pub at Cross on the Island of Lewis. It was a fabulous setting and after a cycle ride served a very welcome drink



More flowers!! Not so many more to make.


Made some more flowers today

By the time I’m finished I should have enough for a really good exhibition


Made some more felt today and so impressed with the pre felt that I bought last week

Sorted some of my work out that I made in 2001 to go to an exhibition in Huddersfield

All my slippers are now on display in Mirfield library


We had a really good day today with my students. We made some nuno felt which probably doesnt photograph well and also made some felt with pre felt.

I have also been making some more flowers – photo shows cutting out felt for the sunflowers.

There are also some photos of more Holmfirth 4×4’s.

look at the website to see how we are getting on!


I have been working on getting the flowers right for the FOQ. It takes so long to do all the details.

I bought some new wire last week and it works really well so I have made the stems for the next set of flowers

I have finished one of my pieces for Holmfirth Art week