I have been photographing the Piece Hall gates today for an idea I have for a quilt based on Yorkshire and have been working on my Istanbul ideas.

Dont know why but I cant get any photos on my blog tonight



I have finished my “Breakthrough” quilt today, now for the difficult bit – making sure I fill in the form correctly and get the photos ready etc.

I dont want to put photos of my piece on my blog – it is a juried exhibition.


Here are some photos of the teachers and teaching assistants from Thursday’s teaching.

I have been to the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Event in Manchester today and been into Paperchase to buy some paper for my next quilt.


Here are some of my students 2010’s and some pictures from todays teaching. We have been cross stitching – learning new types of cross stitch and stitching a small design from our art work. Next week we are looking at cross stitch being done very creatively and by machine


I have been to Ruthin today and saw some fabulous weaving. The photos show some miniature weavings. I am sorry that i forgot to write down the name of the artists work but I loved them. i did a few minutes on my new contemporary quilt.


I have started on my October 6×12 today, did a bit on my breakthrough quilt and put together some of my Istanbul drawings.