I had hoped for my new web site and blog to be ready today but it isnt so in th mean time i will have to make do with a photoless blog.

Yesterday was a great success – It was lovely to see so many people that I havent seen for a while, lots of new faces, friends and students having a good time.

The first people arrived at 10.00ish and the last ones left at around 6!

I sold loads of cards which was great and made about £150 for Macmillan Charities

My new quilt was very well received and I now have lots more ideas for another one



My new sign for my studio has been put up today. I have been working on my Yorkshire Quilt and a couple more hours tomorrow and I hope it will be finished. I have also been doing some essential clearing up ready for my open day on Saturday


My photos should be on the website by the weekend

Have been working on my quilt over the weekend, and baked some cakes ready for my open day on saturday


My website is being updated so hopefully in a few days I wil be back to putting maore photos on my blog.

I am working on my November Contemporary quilt today and on my Yorkshire quilt for the exhibition in Holland in April.

I am also planning to tidy my studio ready for my openday on the 28th November