Today has been a really nice day. It was lovely to see all my students, especially as it was quite difficult for some to get to my studio.

It was good to see some fabulous work that they have been doing over the holidays.

Here are Ann’s 2010’s from last year IMG_8544IMG_8545Here is Pat’s Decemer 2010IMG_8543I have been working on my January new quilt. This year the challenge is to produce a small quilt each month 7″x10″

After my Spain trip was cancelled I decided to get out my photos of the Alhambra from when I went the last time and decided to do my January quilt based on images from the Alhambra. i have made the piece using cocoon strippings, lace, merino wool and have done some stitching and painting. Tomorrow I hope to do some more stitching and painting. Not sure how I am going to edge it yet.