Took too many photos today for my blogspot so have included them here


Childhood memories

I have finished my A3 size Childhood memories quilt for the Contemporary Quilt group Suitcase Collection. I have based it on the dining room curtain fabric that we had in the dining room when I was a child. I found it when I went to visit my Mother recently. It must have been expensive fabric at the time – Heals Ticker Tape by Lucienne Day. I
abandoned the idea of printing the
image in different colours as I could not better what Lucienne Day has designed, so I took the idea of the patterns and stripes and made it in the colours that I have been working on when I have done some Mexican work. I did sample it first!
It could be that it will be juried as there are only 50 going in to the suitcase so we shall see if it gets chosen
I have started on my Hungarian/ Romanian work today with some stencilling using the new stencils that I bought at FOQ.
i have bought some new books on Amazon and they arrived today – so exciting.

Festival of Quilts

Had a really good day at the Festival of Quilts, apart from seeing some fabulous quilts it was great to be able to put faces to many of the contempoary quilt members. It was also good to see that I had been given a “judges choice” for my socks.
I must put pictures of my socks on flickr and explain why I did each one. I was disappointed to see that they were not displayed to their best at the FOQ as it was impossible to read the labels on the back of each of the socks. I think it would have been difficult to display them showing both sides.
I collected my Breakthrough book and it was good to see My Studio quilt in print.

August 5×5

My August 5×5 is now finished. It is stitched using Bermilana thread
I have been working on my August 4×8 – not finished.
Tomorrow i will put the photos of my quilts that are on display at the FOQ and the washing line of socks

New work

Most of the houses in Sighisoara are painted in bright colours. I liked the red flowers in the window of this house.
It is painted calico with some stitch.
This is my August contemporary quilt.
I have started on my 5×5 for Art2Stitch based on woolen stitching from Romanian waistcoats seen in the Museum of the Romanian peasant in Bucharest.