Childhood memories

I have finished my A3 size Childhood memories quilt for the Contemporary Quilt group Suitcase Collection. I have based it on the dining room curtain fabric that we had in the dining room when I was a child. I found it when I went to visit my Mother recently. It must have been expensive fabric at the time – Heals Ticker Tape by Lucienne Day. I
abandoned the idea of printing the
image in different colours as I could not better what Lucienne Day has designed, so I took the idea of the patterns and stripes and made it in the colours that I have been working on when I have done some Mexican work. I did sample it first!
It could be that it will be juried as there are only 50 going in to the suitcase so we shall see if it gets chosen
I have started on my Hungarian/ Romanian work today with some stencilling using the new stencils that I bought at FOQ.
i have bought some new books on Amazon and they arrived today – so exciting.