New Year Update

I have just added many missing photos to my flickr gallery. I hadn’t realised just how many were missing from my sets.
It is good to see all my Contemporary Quilts for 2010 finished!
I have been looking at other Textile Artists blogs and many have been doing a recap of what they have produced through out 2010 and I have tried to make myself a list of my work for 2010
My Book!
12 Contemporary Quilts 2010 7″x10″
12 Holmfirth Art week 9cre8 challenge pieces 4 – 20cmx10cm
8 – various sizes which when added together will make 60cm x 40cm
8 Art2Stitch 5″x5″ Black, Red, Pink, Yellow, Grey, White, Brown
Suitase Collection A3 Quilt – Heals Ticker Tape
Istanbul Piece x 6
Socks 18 and a half pairs
2 pieces for Holmfirth Art Week
2 Pennine Constrasts pieces
I think that is it!
Forgot – Neville Commission!
I did very well with my blogspot until my computer screen cracked and then when we moved house we didnt have internet for so many weeks that I stopped adding images.
In 2011 I will add images but only when I have some good ones ie when i have been somewhere exciting or when i have time to take some good photos