Last one

This morning i have completed the last of the set od pieces for the 9cre8 challenge. It is only 10cmx10cm and is stitched with burmilana (the woolly thread) on a piece of dyed brown blanket.
i used the blanket as it was so similar in colour to the felted coats in romania.
They are now all completed for display at Holmfirth but I will have to have some of them copied as they cant be in 2 places at the same time.
The rest of my work will be at Bankfield Museum starting at the end of May.
IMG_8529 - Version 2


One thought on “Last one

  1. Iwas interested to hear from my sister about you and your workshops . I live in France but am originally from Halifax (sowerby), I am amember of a French Patchwork club, Patchwork is very big in FRance, and this week, we are going to St Jean de Luz for the weekend, where there is a huge Expo of textiles and Patchwork.. I shall visit my sister in Warley later this year and will certainly come and look you and your workshop up. in the meantime Good Luck with the book, I shall buy it in line …. regards

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