New Flowers

Yesterday I started working on some new flowers – possibly for display at my stand for the Festival of Quilts next year and maybe for an entry for the Open European Quilt Championships in Holland in May.
I have also done these ones as they would make a good teaching workshop.
These 2 Journal Quilts are to go to Exeter at the Quilt Show there at the end of September. I have finished all 4 of the text Journal Quilts. The next 4 have to include a button. That could be a challenge but I have bought the smallest of buttons from Paperchase.


New Class

I have been approached several times last year to consider an evening class so I have decided that I will give it a go.
Tuesday evenings start around 6.45 / 7.00
We hoped that it might be a chance for like minded local people to get together and more use the facilities of my studio rather than be taught.
We wont start the class until the end of September so if any one is interested please let me know

Tidy Studio

This week has been a dull week I was going to make some more felt flowers but decided to sort my studio out in stead ready for the new term.
It was taken days – I have even cleaned and sorted the paint brushes. I have removed 2 of the large workbenches which should give a bit more room.

New Journal Quilt

With the new term coming up soon I am trying to get well ahead with my Journal Quilts so have been working on August/September piece today. I wanted to do something using some bright colours so some of the ones I have made recently all look quite dull in colour. I have used my photos of Scandinavia. The photos show the ship the Vasa in the museum in Stockholm as it is now and the model of what it looked like before it sank. In the museum there were panels with the words
” How could it happen?
Was it the wrath of God or the malice of Poland?
Was the crew drunk or was the Vasa wrongly built?
The town was full of rumours
This is the last of the Journal Quilts to have text, the next 4 have to have a button. Does it count if it is on the back?
I painted the images on a paper like fabric and stitched the letters, adding some machine stitch

New 7×5

Today I have been working on a new 7×5 for August. This is based on the views on the island of Marstand off the coast of Sweden.
Inspired by being reminded of old techniques that I havent used for a while I made it by foundation pieceing it.

Quilting in Action 7 at Festivalof Quilts

I returned last night from 5 hard days at the Festival of Quilts. It was exhausting! Met lots of lovely people, sold a load of books and saw some fabulous work. I have booked again for next year!! I will be far more organised next year and might even make some patterns to sell.
I think I should be able to display my flowers and my Pennine pieces. I will probably do some new work by then as well. It might also be a good opportunity to display my dollies so that people can actaully see the detail.IMG_0682