I was supposed to be working in a school this week and they have postponed till next week so I had a spare day. My students are continuing with their seed heads and teasels theme but I am working on the next idea – I want to do a few weeks using automatic patterns on the sewing machine.
I have almost finished my October Journal Quilt based on the textiles I saw in Tallinn in the summer. I embellished strips of silk on to dyed blanket and then stitched some automatic patterns on the strips.
I pieced the larger strips together using a no10 foot and then embroidered the flowers using Bermilana thread. It looks so bright and colourful.

This week I made some more flowers for the French Quilt Show that I am teaching at in April. These ones are much easier and can be made in 3 hours. They can even be made by hand.
I have also put some stems on the ones I made as samples for the Dutch Show in May.
It wont be long before I have replaced all the flowers that I made and then be stolen a couple of years ago.


4 thoughts on “Pour-l-amour-du-fil

    • Hi Maria
      I think perhaps I need to write up the instructions and include a pattern. I was thinking of doing it for the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in the Summer.
      I’ll let you know when i get organised!
      I know what would be really good – for you to give me some feedback if my instructions dont work!

      • I’ll be happy to be a pattern tester 🙂 My daughter and I made about 800 paper flowers for her wedding (http://mariaelkins.com/thewedding/) and that was great fun! The only thing we didn’t take into account was the misty morning, which made many of the crepe paper flowers which were planted in the grass and gardes to wilt a bit. Oops!

  1. Sorry, I don’t speak very well english. J’aime beaucoup votre travail et j’irai vous voir lors du salon pour l’Amour du fil à Nantes au printemps. Je fais du patchwork et j’aime beaucoup vos tissus.

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