Residential 2012 Lake District

Next years residential course will be in the lake District again

5th – 9th November
Machine Skills
Rydal Hall

It is booking up fast!!


Lake District Jugs

Whilst teaching in the Lakes last week I just didnt get a chance to take photos of students work so here are some of my samples/ drawings/ teaching samples

New Flowers

At the Knitting and Stitch show in Harrogate on saturday I bought some woolen fabric, on Sunday I dyed it and screen printed it using my thermofax screens and some that I made myself. I am busy teaching how to make wired fabric flowers so am on a roll with the flowers. My students are producing some lovely ones as well.

Residential in the Lake District

I’ve been teaching in the Lake District on a residential course so havent had any time to add anything to my blog but have just put some photos on my blogspot.
The week was a lot of fun and some really goog work was done by the students. I dont have any examples of their work, all I have is a small sample I did during the week.