New flowers

I havent put any entries on my blog for a while as along with Christmas I have made another set of flowers ready for Uttoxeter show in April.
I started work on the next project, or at least started thinking about it


Last week

This week has been party week. We have had some good food.
On Tuesday at our Ripponden Mark Makers group Ruth gave a presentation on our week in the Lakes

Finished Journal Quilts 2011

My last journal quilt is finished.
Some of the conversation that I might put with the quilts are as follows. My students are much better at it so I might wait until January to put it on the yahoo site
“Whose idea was it to include a button?”
“What do you think of my trendy new buttons?”
“I think i’ll make a felt quilt”
“I’m not impressed”
Do you want to borrow my needle?”
“I cant sew buttons on I have a piece of felt to make”
“Oh dear I cant think of what to do”
“I’m having a cup of tea”
“Anyone want some fabric?”
“I’m never going to get mine finished in time”
Interesting buttons as we know them were not invented until the 13thC (the lewis chessmen are 12thC)

All things Scandinavian

I love Scandinavian designs and costumes and have been looking at one of my favourite blogs
This week I bought some napkins from a second hand shop, maybe not scandinavian but I like them

New Journal Quilt

Following my visit to the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh at the weekend, looking at the Lewis Chessmen, I have been doing some drawings.