New Ideas

I have been thinking about a new piece of work. Living where we do with the view of all the old cottages up the hill is where I am starting from. I have taken a photo from where I am sitting now.
all sorts of ideas are going through my mind and I have been doing some research as to what Ripponden was like many years ago when there were so many mills here. I also love the many pictures I have taken of Halifax.
I got out my City and Guids research project from the early 90’s and I think i will develop that. I have also found some photos of a Delauney exhibition I went to in the late70’s.


2 thoughts on “New Ideas

  1. Do you ever r un workshops in or near to London? Can you tell me what your study tour in India is about , you teaching workshops or something you are attending yourself, l am planning to visit India this year and would be interested to know if is possible to attend workshops there. Will be sending a cheque for your book shortly, though you may be away.
    Mary Boyle

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