Crazy week

last week seemed to be such a busy week. Coming back from India my head seemed to be fill of ideas and images. All this and my computer didnt seem to work properly. The reason for this seemed to be that Photostream just could cope with the number of photos I loaded on to my computer. It seems to be ok now. Yesterday i spent the day with Linda Bilsborrow, well it should have been the day but the traffic on the motorway meant I was very late. Anyway it was a useful day and we hope that i can get my blog working better and get the photos displayed better. Thanks linda.

Whilst in india I met up Fiona from Creative Arts Safaris. (- she mentions me in her blog today. Now I have to work out how to make a link to her web site and blog?) We have some great plans for the future, I am hoping to bring a group of students to India next Feruary, and we are developing some designs for a kit for my fabric flowers that I intend to sell at Festival of Quilts in August. there’s also the prospect of leading a tour to Romania and Hungary. It’s all so exciting!!

Friday i met up with the graphic designers about designing the leaflet for the kits, I just need to write it all up and make some more flowers so that I can photograph them for the instructions.

Thursday I met up with members of the  NW Contemporary Quilt group in the Lake District, at Glenthorne where we have had several visits over the last few years. I love it there, unfortunatly we are unable to go there in November but we are going to Rydal hall instead which looks even better. i am running 2 weeeks of courses

5th Nov and 12th Nov Monday lunchtime to Friday lunchtime Some design skills, some design skills. they are always great weeks. There are a few spare places if anyone is interested.

Saturday  I had a lovely walk in the Dales with friends, I loved India but I also love the Dales!

Amongst all that I have managed to produce my Red (Pink) A4 quilt for the Contemporary Quilt Group, my voyage quilt and a 4×6 for another group.

This week I really must get on with finishing a piece for the FOQ in August and now that it is almost march i have a new A4 quilt to do and a new Voyage quilt.

I have masses of Indain pictures on facebook – you will need to be a friend to view them but that should be easy to do





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