IMG_6960I’m teaching in Dublin this weekend, in a castle – beautiful location!


Guatemalan Textiles







I have put some more photos on my blogspot. The weather has been so fanastic!

My son returned back from Central America and look what he bought for me




























































Now that the images on my blog are a bit bigger, I think it would be good to put the Indian market seller photo on again









My last 7×5 is now finished

Another busy week

Another busy week! It was good to go to Sewing for pleasure and fashion and embroidery at the weekend in Birmingham. I bought a few new stencils and my students had a chance to play with them on Tuesday, today we have been silk painting. It was good to do some silk painting – it is so long since we have had a play with the silk paints. As an example of what can be done using silk paints, i painted the windows of an Indian doorway from the Palace at Jodphur (or was it Udaipur – I cant remember)

I used gutta to stop the colours from running and then added the brown cotton applique over the top.


I think now i just need to add a little more colour on the windows and then trim it and add an edge.

I started on the next Red Journal Quilt this week as well. It is one of the arches at Fatephur Sikri. I have printed the red fabric and now need to do some stitching.

Today i have paid for some of my fabric that will be printed in India – I will explain more when I have more time!


The sea

Yesterday we had a bit of a show and tell. Here are some of the sea books that my students have made. I have another finished Indian woman and another piece on the go.

New Voyage Quilt

My recent visit to India has given me so much inspiration for new pieces of work. I am trying to get together a collection of work to display at Festival of Quilts. Today I finished my latest Voyage Quilt. I might just lighten the face a little!

These photos show the progress, before and after stitch


IMG_0342my plan now is to a very large version!

I have framed one of my Indian women pictures – it might just sell?