Another busy week

Another busy week! It was good to go to Sewing for pleasure and fashion and embroidery at the weekend in Birmingham. I bought a few new stencils and my students had a chance to play with them on Tuesday, today we have been silk painting. It was good to do some silk painting – it is so long since we have had a play with the silk paints. As an example of what can be done using silk paints, i painted the windows of an Indian doorway from the Palace at Jodphur (or was it Udaipur – I cant remember)

I used gutta to stop the colours from running and then added the brown cotton applique over the top.


I think now i just need to add a little more colour on the windows and then trim it and add an edge.

I started on the next Red Journal Quilt this week as well. It is one of the arches at Fatephur Sikri. I have printed the red fabric and now need to do some stitching.

Today i have paid for some of my fabric that will be printed in India – I will explain more when I have more time!



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