Flower photos


New directions- India

I have been trying a new way of working and realised the best approach was to do some sketching and to get some of my photos from my India trip printed and stick them in my sketchbook.

Here are some of the pages of my sketchbook, with some stitched samples. I am not sure which direction it is going to take me but we had a good day yesterday using discharge paste and bleach. Today I have to order some decolourant to experiment with. I have bought a few more stencils – I just love them and so do my students. Makes a great workshop

I used the stencils to print some fabric with some good results.


New picture

Whilst in London last week I stayed with my cousin, her husband gave me this life drawing. He said it only took 10minutes to do. Wish i could draw like this!

















I bought some woollen fabric from Goldhawk rd and dyed a sample today with surprising results. The one that the guy said he wasnt certain that was 100%wool has dyed a really vibrant colour, the other that had cashmere in it dyed lighter.












I dyed loads of cotton this weekend, washing line looked great



Just been to London for a couple of days. Went to a few fabulous exhibitions-

JoLoMo (John Lowrie Morrison) at La Galleria

Lettie Blackett at the Strand Gallery

Designing Women at the Fashion and Textile Museum

Loads more inspiration for future work!

We also felt very privaleged to be able to view some Palestinian textiles at the British Museum











































New Quilt

I finally finished my Indain women quilt yesterday. It’s much larger than I normally work and it was a bit of an experiment. I wasnt quite certain about it and whether it looked right but now that I have hung it up I think I quite like it. It’s given me the confidence now to tackle the next one that will be big as well. Not huge but bigger than i normally work