Israeli Pieces

I have almost finished the set of work that I have done based on the emroidered piece that i bought in Bethlehem.
Working so hard at the moment – cut all the wire for the kits now so just waiting for the envelopes to arrive and they will be able to be posted out soon.



My students bullied me to reorganise my studio, and I am very grateful to them as it looks so much better. Israel piece no 4 is progressing well.

Another Israeli Piece

With nearly 400 Flower Kits having arrived from India and a load of hand printed fabric there has been a lot of wire cutting to be done in my studio. They are almost ready to be available for postage. I just have to sort out the envelopes and the payment methods
The second of my Israeli Pieces is finished

Palestinian challenge

Whilst we were in Israel in July Pat, Janette and myself all bought pieces of Palestianian embroidery, that were the bodice from the traditional dress.
We challenged each other to make a piece of contemporary textiles using the piece as a source of inspiration.
This week amongst many other things I have completed on eof the pieces I wanted to make and have started another. I have a plan for another. They are not very big but bigger then the A4 Journal quilts

New Term

This week I have started the new term with a new project. i really wanted to do some of my own work today so made a sample for an idea I had whilst cycling.
I turned it in to an A4 journal quilt but I dont think it will be October’s quilt.
I also started doing some drawings for one of my Israeli pieces.
My flower kits have arrived from india and I need to cut the wire. i have found a better place to buy one of the wires I need but still need to find a better place forthe thicker wire.


I have just returned from our holiday – that’s why there have been no entries on my blog for the last 2 weeks. We have just cycled almost 1500kms from Fussen close to the Austrian border all the way to Yorkshire. The harddest bit by a long way was the ride from Hull to Ripponden.
It’s back to work today with so so much to catch up on