New workshops for 2013

This week i am trying to catch up on some admin

I had a meeting with the Graphic Designers on Monday about my new book. It will take some working on but it will be ready for Festival of Quilts next year. It would be good to get it ready for Quilt Expo in france in April but I doubt it!

Yesterday I wrote an article for Sew magaizine which will be out in the December issue.

Simple Home made magazine arrived this week with a feature about my Flower Kits

Last week my Contemporary Quilt magazine arrived with an article I wrote about the Flower Kits.

…..and they are selling so well. I doubt I will have

any left for Festival of Quilts next year so i have been working on some ideas for the next kit. Here are some of the Indian women pictures I have been experimenting making. It will be the 3 women that are made into a kit and the individual women will go to towards some new ideas for teaching. One of them could be made in a 3 hour workshop. maybe the applique could be made in a quick and easy workshop for Festival of Quilts?

I hate having to work so far in advance but I have been looking at new workshops for 2013 and my Tuesday and Wednesday students are so enjoying doing the current project of Pattern into patchwork that I think it would make a good weekend workshop

Here is the last of my Voyage quilts. I looked through my photos from the summer and thought i should do a piece based on my trip to jordan. It is painted with added applique and machine stitch. I must photograph it better for the Voyage website

I have been trying to get the programme together for the Contemporary Quilt Group summer school that I am teaching in June next year.

Here are some pictures of thedesign  exercises that we might do

Some fabric arrived yesterday that i ordered with an idea in mind to make a Kutch style doll. Not sure the colours are exactly what i wanted but i think if I dip them in tea they might be better


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