Busy, busy, busy

I’ve done so much teaching recently that I have had little time to get on with my own work, or at least do a bit of forward planning.

So with the forms in front of me to decide what i want to teach at Festival of quilts and another couple of events I thought it best to try to come up with some new workshops – some 1 hour long, others 3 hours long and some 1 day.

I played with the idea of teaching my applique technique using baking parchment but decided these sunflowers were too complicated to complete in 1 hour and not spectacular enough for 3 hours.

I have worked on producing some more Indian ladies and I think they might make a good 3 hour workshop as they include a few different techniques.

I have decided to title my Festival of Quilts Workshops something like Using stencils creatively. I love all the Crafters Workshop and Imagination Crafts stencils that are available at the moment and have a large collection. Imagination Crafts have knidly agreed to suppy me with some more stencils for use at my workshop, so now I just need to produce some more samples.

Guess where I am going in February?

I still dont seem to be able to get my photos in the right order!


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