Horizons Quilt

I’ve been working today on some ideas for a new workshop Traditional Indian meets Kandinsky and Huddertwasser, so coloured some papers and cut them as in Kandinskys concentric circles piece. Some circles I cut whilst others I used a circle punch. Some of the circle punches are quite large – 2″ across.

I also remounted some of my samples from years ago. One of the handouts had a date of 1997 on it!

I also did some sampling for my Horizon piece and made it A4 so that at least it could become a Voyage Quilt. It needs some more screen printing on it, but it might be some time before I can get back to more work on it. It is all based on the layers of Dowry quilts seen in the Kutch



New Residentials

Exciting developments for the Autumn

Flower making workshop here at my studio on October

Retreat at the beginning of October in the Lake District

Residential Course in the lake District in November

All information is on the Teaching section of my website


Lots of new workshops coming on to the website later today


February Journal Quilt

I love making journal Quilts, I make them very quickly, never fret about what to do etc, so here is todays work.

I never normally like to get so far ahead and make a piece of work before I have been somewhere but i have a busy time after i come back from India and I dont like to get behind. I want to make the Horizons pice as well.

This piece is taken from images that I took in India last February. The women in the Kutch make quilts and embroidered pieces for sale and hang them on a line.

The words say February in Hindi.

The photos show the January quilt and how I am building up to make my Quaker tapestry or Bayeux tapestry with words at the top and details at the bottom

IMG_1018 IMG_1019