Another India Quilt

I’ve had an idea to do a piece of work based on the dowry bag I bought in Kutch.

I am working on producing a set of work taking inspiration from Ethnic textiles for a new talk and workshops.

Here is the Kutch bag






I started by appliqueing a Taj Mahal image in Indian newspaper first on heavy calico



And then added some machine embroidery. It is stitched in Wonderfil Spagetti thread. I quilted in and am happy with the wrinkled effect – that what the bag looks like. I added some tea to give it the worn look.



I added the edging by hand.

it’s a pity that the Taj Mahal is not really very visable now I know it’s there!



We had a little bit of sunshine today so I went out on my bike. You can see just how much snow we have had!



New work

With such cold snowy weather this week I have had only a few students so started to work on my piece for Festival of Quilts in the summer – so no photos.

I had an idea to do a piece of work based on a bag I bought in the Kutch so have started it. The background is the Taj Mahal appliqued in newspaper, I will stitch over quite a lot of it so perhaps a bit pointless.

It is all stitched using Wonderfill spagetti thread.

IMG_1177 IMG_0045 IMG_0049 IMG_0050

I have also been working on some of the ideas I have for my new book. We intend to have 2 projects in the bok, 1 will be one of the Indian women, the other will be a block printed hanging, which will include fabric bought in a shop in Ahmedabad – more images to  come tomorrow

Toran Workshop

Yesterday I taught How to make a Toran at Patchwork Parade in Oldham

Here are some of the unfinished Torans.

They all elected to make a small toran. Arnt the colours fabulous. I love to see how people all choose different colour combinations


Indian Women Kit

My Indian Women Kit is being put together in India, so with Fiona asking me for dimensions etc I had to get on with working it all out. So with Ann’s help today I  have written the instructions ( Ann did most of that – she’s much better at that than me!), and worked out all the patterns and sizes of fabric required. The arms and legs will be printed using a block, and then a small block will be included in the kit to do the background printing.

The kit is based on the photograph I took in Jaipur last year. I have made 2 large quilts and a small one using this image.

Here are some of the photos I took today – none of the samples are finished yet but they will be in the next few days.

There is plenty of opportunity to customise the design and add stitching (hand or machine) to make each one very different.


New Flower Kits

I spent yesterday afternoon making more flowers. I wanted to test out the patterns for the kits checking I had the correct sizes and making sure they fit economically into the fabric sizes. I started to write the instructions and cant decide whether to repeat some of the words from the last kits for the new ones or write a new story.

I think I will keep the wording short – easier for me and it will work out cheaper.

Instructions should be even easier to follow. One of the new flowers is like a daffodil – so a little more complex but certainly not difficult to make.

Here are some of them I made yesterday. I made some of them from fabric I bought in India last month.

Image 1

I have designed some new flowers and they will be made up into new Flower Kits . Whilst I was in India this February I went to the college where my newspaper bags are being made – Barefoot College IMG_4150IMG_4153I chose some blocks for the fabric printing and experimented on the coloured fabric to see what the fabric will look like.

IMG_4542IMG_4544IMG_4546IMG_4582IMG_4551I have also ordered some blocks for the Indian women kit which should be available for the Festival of Quilts.

This is the guy who is going to make them – he sits by the side of the road every day in Pushkar making them. Lets hope he can make 500 ready for August