New Workshop

Sometimes it can several weeks of thinking to get together ideas for a new workshop but yesterday it suddenly occurred to me that my Elizabethan fragments work would make a brilliant workshop. Why havent I taught it before now? I guess I didn’t really want to give away all my secrets but now I’m ready.

So this morning I have worked out a workshop and all the details. I re-photographed my quilts – although I had to use my phone as my camera is broken so the quality is not brilliant

Elizabethan Fragments

In 2002 my quilt Elizabethan Fragments was selected for the Quilters Guild Transforming Tradition exhibition. At the time I was too busy teaching at the college to offer workshops. I have recently found my quilts and the sketch book and become very excited and started to experiment once more, producing some results that have proved to be greatly admired by my current students.

In this workshop we will make a piece of fabric that looks old using wool tops and silk. We will transfer an Elizabethan design to the fabric, add machine stitch and colour afterwards.

All the specialist equipment will be provided and I will also provide the specialist fibres required.

There is a certain amount of gentle rolling (felt making) using water and soap required but it is not strenuous and definitely not messy.

A small kit will be provided




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