It is almost 2 weeks since I wrote anything on my blog. I have just been too busy.

My piece for FOQ is now finished, my Horizon piece has been sent off and the Graphic designer has sent me the first draft of my new book which I hope will be ready for August.

I am hoping to collect another 1000 cards next week so I really feel like I ma making progress.

I have had a huge set back with my computer and have a few problems loading photos so can’t put photos on today

Whilst teaching in Wales this week the lovely girls i have been with took me to the Jen Jones Quilt Centre. This was such a treat, especially as the Kaffe Fassett exhibition was on. I just loved the Welsh quilts. I feel this might be the beginning of a new piece.

Back to work now!





After a week of felting in a Primary School I am keen to make more felt and to teach more felting. Apart from the boy that was squirting water to get the soap suds to chase around the table (!) there wasnt any water on the floor. It’s not strenuous and not messy!

Sometimes when I meet some lovely people and see some fabulous work and beautiful fabrics at some of the shows I go to, I wonder if I will ever hear from them again.

Tonight I had an email from a French couple I met, they import fabrics from Bhuj in India and have the same passion for travel and textiles I do. They have put some images of my work and some very complimentary comments, on their blog.

Have a look at their fabulous fabrics. It made me just want to go back to India.

My new book based on India has made another step closer to being ready so it should be ready for the Festival of Quilts, I’m not allowing myself to get excited yet!

Felt making










I’m working in a local primary school this week teaching Felt Making – I love working with the children. Today I think I have made felt with nearly 100 children aged 4 – 9!

Here are all the cloths drying at the end of the day, I can’t put any photos here of the children but I might put some photos of their finished work at the end of the week.

They love the bright pink fleece!




I at last feel like I am making progress!

My horizon quilt is finished but I dont want to put any pictures on my blog – it will be at FOQ in August.

I have produced my piece for Out of the Kitchen exhibition which is a joint venture between Europe and Afghanistan – I only needed to do the first bit as a woman in Afghanistan will do the next bit and then it will come back to me. Again I dont really want to put any pictures here until I have submitted it – it might not get accepted

I have had the first few pages of my new book on India sent to me by the Graphic Designers and after a minor hiccup I am happy with what he has done so far – it will be ready for FOQ

Yesterday i picked up another 200 copies of my Journeys in Stitch book so that will be available for sale on my website once I find out how much it will cost to post

I ordered another 1000 cards yesterday so sorted out 40 new designs – some reprints whilst others are new. I will be able to sell them at FOQ and when i teach elsewhere. The good news is that I can keep the price the same – £1.50 each and 4 for £5 – i think!

I am in the process of writing the instruction leaflet for my Indian fabric so that will be available soon as well

So no pictures but I am able to tick off many items on my list of things to do!

New Voyage Quilt

A week away and I have loads to do and it is sunny outside!

Yesterday I made my May/June Voyage quilt. I am working on a series of taking inspiration from Ethnic textiles, but I also like to use places I have been, so this quilt is inspired by the Silk Industry in Lyon, following my visit there in April.

I am testing out, as always new ways of working and using different materials that I could teach in the future.

I took some photos in the Silk museum in Lyon and have done some research by looking at a book I bought many years ago.



I have been experimenting laminating paper to fabric so that I can print and paint easily on to a paper surface that looks like a fabric and this works really well.

I painted and printed the flowers and the background spots etc

Image 3


I wanted to add a few reminders of Lyon so the printing along the right side is to represent the ironwork on the balcony’s and the numbers are to represent the printing trays







I added the quilting lines as the design drawings for the silk designs have the grid lines on them for drawing accurately.

Now I need to post the pictures on the Voyage website

I have started my June Contemporary Quilt with a few drawings – based on my recent trip to Iceland.