I at last feel like I am making progress!

My horizon quilt is finished but I dont want to put any pictures on my blog – it will be at FOQ in August.

I have produced my piece for Out of the Kitchen exhibition which is a joint venture between Europe and Afghanistan – I only needed to do the first bit as a woman in Afghanistan will do the next bit and then it will come back to me. Again I dont really want to put any pictures here until I have submitted it – it might not get accepted

I have had the first few pages of my new book on India sent to me by the Graphic Designers and after a minor hiccup I am happy with what he has done so far – it will be ready for FOQ

Yesterday i picked up another 200 copies of my Journeys in Stitch book so that will be available for sale on my website once I find out how much it will cost to post

I ordered another 1000 cards yesterday so sorted out 40 new designs – some reprints whilst others are new. I will be able to sell them at FOQ and when i teach elsewhere. The good news is that I can keep the price the same – £1.50 each and 4 for £5 – i think!

I am in the process of writing the instruction leaflet for my Indian fabric so that will be available soon as well

So no pictures but I am able to tick off many items on my list of things to do!


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