After a week of felting in a Primary School I am keen to make more felt and to teach more felting. Apart from the boy that was squirting water to get the soap suds to chase around the table (!) there wasnt any water on the floor. It’s not strenuous and not messy!

Sometimes when I meet some lovely people and see some fabulous work and beautiful fabrics at some of the shows I go to, I wonder if I will ever hear from them again.

Tonight I had an email from a French couple I met, they import fabrics from Bhuj in India and have the same passion for travel and textiles I do. They have put some images of my work and some very complimentary comments, on their blog.

Have a look at their fabulous fabrics. It made me just want to go back to India.

My new book based on India has made another step closer to being ready so it should be ready for the Festival of Quilts, I’m not allowing myself to get excited yet!


One thought on “Beaujolais

  1. Hi Gillian, much as you have enjoyed this week in the classroom I bet it is a relief to return to your studio to do your own thing…or have you other plans for the weekend? My Horizon quilt is nearly complete just need to edge it and add the sleeve. Is there a studio day on Tuesday? I think Pat was intending to come but I thought it had been cancelled as a Studio day? As it stands now I think she thinks it’s not on and so won’t be coming. Please will you drop her an e mail if I’ve told her wrong? I am still intending to come so we can wrap and post our quilts. The Neelam site was lovely – well done! Ann

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