New Book

I havent had a chance to post anything on my blog for what seems like weeks as I have been so busy…..

My entry for FOQ is finished and boxed up and ready to go.

My new book is almost finished, and will be ready for FOQ.

New Flower Kits instructions have been written.

New Indian Ladies Kits instructions have been written

1000 new cards have been printed

so yesterday I thought about some of the new pieces of work i need to get on with

A Red quilt

July Journal Quilt

A quilt for the new Contemporary horizons Challenge

A new Voyage Quilt

Here are some drawings for the Red quilt

Image 4 Image 3 Image 2 Image 1



AaA Image

I have going to be involved in a project

Out of the Kitchen

I have to make the first stage of a piece that will then get sent to Afghanistan, where a women there will continue with my stitching, it will then be sent back to me where I will continue, and then a women from Afghanistan will finish it.

It will be exciting to see what happens. I have done this, so that there is plenty of scope for decoration on the dress. I have to accepted first!IMG_2125 IMG_2127 IMG_2128 IMG_2129



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