New Journal Quilt

I am not doing very well these days at keeping my blog updated – just too much to do and the weather has been too good to spend any more time sitting at the computer.

I am almost ready fro FOQ now

Book has gone to print

Kits have all been written, all parcels have arrived from India.

More information about them to follow

Cards all printed

I have to fill in the forms for the Ailsa Craig Quilt Exhibition in Canada today.

I completed my July Journal Quilt this week. Sometimes I do pieces of work quickly just to remind me of some good times I have had. This small quilt is to remember the fabulous Welsh blankets that the lovely Quilting ladies took me to see when I was teaching in wales at the beginning of the month. I loved the colours and these ones were quite different from the usual colours I work in.

I dyed some felt using acid dyes and then made a screen print by cutting into a piece of paper and screen printed the patterns on to the felt. I added some block print and some stitch to make it look like a woven blanket.


As always with my Journal Quilts – happy memories!

I started my “All in a Day’s Work” piece yesterday – the deadline is not until December but I wanted to start it as I felt inspired.

It will be part of the CQ Suitcase collection and will tour around the country

I took the photo in Bat Yam – just outside of Tel Aviv



I drew the outline on heavy calico and have started to add some applique






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