New Voyage quilt

After the FOQ I just needed a couple of weeks away from my computer, actually it needed to go in for repair. It’s back and I am back working hard again.

I have finished another of the Voyage quilts so I only have 1 more to make and I will have made the 6 needed. These 2013 quilts will be on show at Beaujolais in France in April 2014.

I wanted to build up a collection of quilts based on ethnic textiles.

In the Dalarna area of Sweden there are many textile museums and I love the bags the women hang from their waists. I have taken some of the designs and made this piece. I have used hand dyed woollen fabric and top stitch thread.



New Work

After so many weeks getting the books and kits together I really now want to get down to produce some new work. I am keen to get a Middle Eastern collection of work together so started a piece today, which hopefully will be good for another group I belong to.

Following yesterdays piece that I am happy with,  I have started this piece which will be 30cm x 60cm

This shows the progression throughout the day, all the photos are side ways but it doesnt really matter!

Image 6


Image 5


Image 4


Image 3

Festival of Quilts and new Journal Quilt

Back from Festival of Quilts. 

We had a fabulous time – I spoke to lots of lovely people, sold lots of kits, books and cards, but it was exhausting. 

It is becoming a amazing way to spend a few days and great to meet so many other teachers, and quilters from around the world.

Here is my stand

Image 2


I won a third prize in the Quilt Creations category with my large bunch of 3D flowers. Always interesting to see what the Judges say…..surprised I won I a prize with what the judges have said. One judge obviously did not think much of them! Oh well!! 

Image 1




No time to rest and yesterday i made my next Journal Quilt.

I made a drawing from a photograph I took in the market in Tel Aviv, made a thermofax screen and then added some colour and stitch



I have spent today making a terrible mess in my studio getting ready for FOQ. I put 400 large stickers on the front of my kits.



200 New Flower Kits!

Image 2

and 200 Indian Women Kits

Image 3


and at 5.30 I picked up 300 copies of our new Book!

Just in time!

Image 1