I gave a talk on Friday to a local group, and today received a lovely card.

“Thank you so much for coming to talk to our group yesterday. Your photos are such a riot of colour and so evocative of India. How great that you could provide work for a co-operative and instill the need for quality control and high expectations.

Your talent is simply amazing!

Thank you also for bringing examples of your quilting. What beautiful reminders of your travels.

We really enjoyed your visit.

Wishing you every success in the future.”

It always seems to take ages to get everything ready for giving a talk, but when you receive thanks like this – they are worth doing.



Getting ahead






With a very busy October coming up I wanted to get ahead with my Journal Quilts, not something i have ever done before!

Here is another JQ based on Swedish Textiles.

It is stitched with Bermilana thread, woolly and can be tricky to use. I love using it as ican look like it has been hand stitched. I used some braid that I bought in Sweden and some buttons I was given, and dyed the wool felt.

I had another look at my Copenhagen piece and decided I needed to make the bicycles more prominent so stitched a bit of colour on them. Looks better now.



I have been working this week, as well as teaching and giving a talk one afternoon, on writing the instructions for an article to appear in Sewing World early next year. It will include some block printing, sewing on shisha glass and a little kantha stitching

Here is an example of the finished small wall hanging, table runner.


Out of the Kitchen

i decided to work on my Out of The Kitchen rejected piece just to get it finished.

So here it is, partly finished and ….now finished

Image 5




I started to work on my October Journal Quilt as I have a very busy October and November so I need to be a little ahead

Image 8


Image 9


Image 10


Image 11




I’ve been making birds – it’s an idea for a kit, or maybe for a short teaching session. Some Scandinavian others Indian inspired



They are fun to make!

Another busy day

Today i have had a visit from a fellow Textile artist from Melbourne Australia. We have been working on an idea of hers.

Here is the photograph we have made a small quilt from today

Image 2


It needs a bit more work but this is what you can do in about 2 hours

Image 4


My Palestinian quilt is almost finished but I have an idea to put an extra piece on the side of it. Watch this space!

I have made the latest Voyage quilt, based on Palestinian costume. I stitched the gold from the reverse

Image 6


I entered the project “Out of the Kitchen” – a project to work with Afganistani women, anyway my piece was rejected on the grounds that I had done too much work on the piece and there wasn’t enough space for the women to do any work.

That’s fine – it will be useful for another project. So I screen printed on top of the original piece, and added some stitching, and some silver another day

Image 5


On line Shop

I finally have my online shop up and running and have had a few orders today.

it took a bit of doing and I had, in the end, to have ask for some help from my son.

I have been working on the A3 piece for the CQ suitcase collection and produced a piece that I chopped down so it is only A4, so it means I will have to do another but that’s ok – this is only a practice piece.

Image 5


I have also been working on the set of 4 that need to be 60cm x 30cm

I have finished the first, almost finished the second and done all the background for the third.

Image 4


Image 3


Image 2


I was asked by my friend Dijanne to stitch a piece of work intended for an exhibition in Italy.

Dijanne has printed the background and all I needed to do was stitch it!

It was good to do a piece that just required stitch rather than designing.

Image 9




Avoiding the admin

I know that today I should have spent the day learning how to put my Flower its and books on the paypal part of my website but there were things I preferred to do.

This morning I made my September Journal Quilt. It is based on a group of ladies I photographed having an early morning swim at BatYam near Tel Aviv

Image 8


I finished one of the 30x60cm pieces for another group called Contemporary Horizons. Here is the second one of the series – not sure about these yet. I just need to have them pinned up on my board in my studio.

Image 6Image 7


I spend most of the weekend tidying both the front of my studio and the back. All the photos have come down! They kept on dropping off so the walls are blank, apart from where the blu-tac wont come off.

Image 4 Image 5