Avoiding the admin

I know that today I should have spent the day learning how to put my Flower its and books on the paypal part of my website but there were things I preferred to do.

This morning I made my September Journal Quilt. It is based on a group of ladies I photographed having an early morning swim at BatYam near Tel Aviv

Image 8


I finished one of the 30x60cm pieces for another group called Contemporary Horizons. Here is the second one of the series – not sure about these yet. I just need to have them pinned up on my board in my studio.

Image 6Image 7


I spend most of the weekend tidying both the front of my studio and the back. All the photos have come down! They kept on dropping off so the walls are blank, apart from where the blu-tac wont come off.

Image 4 Image 5


One thought on “Avoiding the admin

  1. Hello Gillian, I receive your posts and would like to follow you on Facebook. May I request to be your friend? Your work is so uplifting. Thank you, Alice Potts

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