Flower making Course

I’ve just finished running a 3 day Flower making course from my studio. I think everyone enjoyed it. I always think and analyse whether it has gone well and it achieved all that I set out to achieve.

I really wanted students not just to make the flowers but to learn new skills along the way

– to learn more machine skills and become more confident using a sewing machine

– to design patterns themselves 

This was achieved and here are some of the results.

The gerbera and poppy are new designs and I think they are fab!

I think maybe it is time to run a summer school next July!







I lent one of the students one of my old machines to use and decided it was better than the one I am currently using so I am now using this lovely machine and it runs beautifully


I managed to do a little more on one of my pomegranate quilts. it’s not finished yet but I am pleased with the progress so far. This one is 30cm x 60cm



Flower Course

I’ve been running a 3 Day Flower making Course from my studio this week.

Here are just a few of the students hard at work!


Finished Red Quilt

At last the Red Quilt is finished. It didn’t take long – it’s just that I ended up having to make 2 as the first one I made the wrong size.

– not the best photo



I had a lovely email today from someone who had made some of my flowers as a present for her Mum.

Here they are – they look beautifully made!




Whilst I was in Israel I took masses of photos of pomegranates. In Israel they are huge and such a fabulous colour.

Yesterday I taught my students how to do Notan designs. Here are some of my designs.

Image 5


Image 7


Image 6


Image 8


Image 9


Image 10


Image 12


Image 11


Last week I taught a few workshops and as always there were some fabulous results.

Image 4

I’m sure this one would look good in an exhibition

Hello Gillian

Thought you’d like to know that I finished my picture from the workshop and I’ve attached a photo of it for you to see.  I’m really pleased with the result and have learned a lot of techniques which I’ve combined in the process. I also feel that it has given me more freedom to experiment with different media.

Thank you again for coming.

I thought I had finished the required piece for International threads Group but…..oh dear……I got the size wrong so I am going to have to make another!

As the deadline is the end of the month I got on with it today.

Image 13


Still lots to do!

Indian ladies Workshop

Today I’m been teaching at the Bramble Patch. I love teaching there – the facilities are fabulous and everything always seems so well organised, and I get a couple of nights in a Hotel to catch up with emails etc.

It was a good day and there were some good pieces of work done by some lovely ladies but i was too busy to take many photos. I always like to do some reflecting after I teach and I wonder if I sometimes think I push students too much out of their comfort zones. 







Our Voyage quilts have been on show at the European Quilt Championship in Veldhoven in Holland at the weekend. Here is a link to a video of the show.



I’ve just returned from a few days in Israel – I took loads of photos of pomegranates – the colours were fabulous – I will just have to do a new Journal Quilt