Finished Red Quilt

At last the Red Quilt is finished. It didn’t take long – it’s just that I ended up having to make 2 as the first one I made the wrong size.

– not the best photo



I had a lovely email today from someone who had made some of my flowers as a present for her Mum.

Here they are – they look beautifully made!




2 thoughts on “Finished Red Quilt

  1. Lovely flowers – I can’t believe you’ve finished your red quilt already…goes to show how much time is taken up with design, planning and sampling, once that’s done you can go into production!

  2. Oh Gillian – you did not need to make another one! Size was not a serious issue, just an orientational aspect. I left a comment on the International Threads blog, but it seems you didn’t see that. Sorry about that. But who knows what it was good for.

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