Lots more Pomegranate quilts

I have been working on a 30cm x 60cm size recently for various reasons. I love the markets in the Middle East in particular those in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. When i was there in October I took lots of photographs of the pomegranates and have used these photos as inspiration for my new set of quilts.







i have been working out quick and easy ways of doing applique using Bondaweb. Over the last few years i have been using Heat n Bond lite but have found that students turn up on a workshop with only Bondaweb and it wont work in the same way. So I have a new way to use Bondeweb. It will make a good new workshop – I just need to write it up and put it on my website.

My new quilts use Notan and Counterchange design principals and I love it. So do my current students who meet at my weekly class in my studio.

I should be able to post some of their work soon. I just always forget to photograph it.

So here are some of my new quilts. Some are not finished- they need stitching and edging now.


IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0012 IMG_0013 IMG_0014


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