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I have been excited most of the day, since I received a letter this morning to say that i have been awarded the Quilters Guild Teacher Travel Bursary – so India here I come in February to study block printing.

I have been asked to exhibit my work at OEQC in Veldhoven in May of next year – I would like to have lots of new quilts for the show so have been busy since receiving the email. I have a plan of what i intend to do and have been working first on my pomegranate series and will do some more Indian quilts after that.

This one is the first of several





This grey quilt is one that I have made for the International Threads Challenge. It is based on a photo I took whilst in iceland and the embroidery is from icelandic costumes. The challenge was to make a quilt that was to be 90% grey and 10% of colour. I usually would not enjoy working in grey but I do love this quilt – maybe it just has happy memories








As it is the end of the year i have photographed my finished Journal Quilts for 2013 and my finished Voyage Quilts for 2013.





2 thoughts on “Latest News

  1. Congratulations. Look forward to seeing the inspirations from India.

    Enjoying making my flowers.

    Sheila Garvin

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