New Shops

We are so lucky here in Halifax to have 2 new shops – the Fabberdashery in Halifax Town Centre and the Quilt Cabin in Hebden Bridge. They are both quite different and I dont think there should be any competition between them as they sell quite different things.

I cycled along the canal this morning to the Quilt cabin It was a bit muddy and I fell off my bike – fortunately I didnt fall in the canal! and because it rained so much last night, it gave me a soft landing! They have some lovely fabric!

I taught a felt Making Class at Fabberdashery on Saturday. I love teaching Felt Making – 1 because it is a bit more energetic than quilting classes and 2 because i just love making felt myself.

We made felt on a sea inspired theme as I didnt want to do anything to do with Christmas. I really enjoyed the company of the students, as always, and find it so difficult sometimes to be teacher and not student!

Here are some of the pieces of felt that the students made

Image 1


Image 2


Image 3


Image 4


Image 5


Image 6


Image 7


Since I have been asked to exhibit in Holland at the Open European Quilt Championships in May next year I have been working so hard to make some new quilts. I have lots more to make!

Here are a few of the new Notan and Pomegranate finished quilts







I have an idea to make a piece of work based on the photos I took in Israel of the faded and well worn dresses. I bought some old jeans from the charity shop and started to make a small quilt. But it is not right, some of it I like so this afternoon I cut it up and have almost finished it and now I’m happy with it. I will photograph it tomorrow.Image


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