Thinking and writing a list!

Over the last few weeks I seem to have worked so hard, has it all been worth it? I have written an article for Sewing World, one for Workbox, two for Stitch magazine, one for Down Under Quilts and an interview for The Art of Quilting. None of them have been published yet, and I certainly will not get rich from the money earned from them. I hope to sell some flower kits, books and generate some interest in my teaching whether it is here or some of the residentials that I am teaching.

I feel like I have become a part time travel agent booking my trip to India – for my bursary to learn some block printing etc in Bhuj, and my trip to Canada has taken up loads of my time. I’m sure all my organisation will be worth it and both trips will be a great success.

I seem to have spent hours writing up course proposals, requirements lists etc. let’s hope all the courses that are planned actually run. I have added a new Pomegranate Workshop to my list of courses. This new course uses Notan and Counterchange design principles and I am looking forward to teaching it – My first booking for this course is at the Bramble Patch later in the year. Must add it to my lists on the right page of my website.

I have masses of exhibitions planned this year

Exhibition at Quilt Cabin Hebden Bridge- Yorkshire

ICHF show in February in Manchester

ICHF show in March in Birmingham

ICHF show in April in London

Easter Exhibition at the Bramble patch in Northampton

Quilt Expo in Veldhoven in May

My quilt is in the Horisons Exhibition at Ledbury in April, then going on to Prague

Another quilt is with the CQ exhibition in London in March

My Transforming tradition Quilt is with the Hidden Histories Exhibition doing the rounds of the shows

2 CQ Journal Quilts of mine are doing the rounds of the shows with CQ

1 quilt is with the Ailsa Craig Committee in Canada doing the rounds of the Trunk Shows, and another one will be part of the exhibition and of course I will be there!

My 2012 Voyage Quilts will be at the ICHF show in London in April

My 2013 Voyage Quilts will be at Beaujolais in France in April

One Sentinelle quilt going to various exhibitions throughout Europe

So all this takes some organising….

OK I need to update my diary…..

I have lots of new quilts ready for Veldhoven Exhibition in May and a few new ones for Sewing for Pleasure in March. It will be good to finally get images on my website but I am trying to keep them hidden right now.

All this might look good but I would love someone to fill my tax form for me!









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