New Voyage Quilt

I made the first of 2014’s Voyage quilts this week. The theme this year is Earth and I have chosen the Earth – patterns option. I looked at my photos of the Giants Causeway and made a drawing. i then appliqued some grey fabric on to a block background, discharged some colour out, adding more colour back in and added some stitching . I’m not sure that i like it!

Maybe it is the grey! I like all my quilts to remind me of good times, and it wasnt a grey day! it was a lovely day and it is a fabulous place to visit.

IMG_2017 IMG_2016

Image 3


Image 1


So, I wont post it on the Voyage blog just yet, I might do another one.

This week i have been trying to change my website and have written another article, amongst many other things. I have chased up all the other articles and YES they are going into magazines but they are all in a few months time.

Here is a photo of one of the projects for a magazine, not sure if it will go in or not.

Image 2


yesterday as I was fed up with admin, designing, having to feel that everything i did had to be perfect I made 25 scissor cases (no photo). Hope they sell well. I also did some designing for ipad cases. Watch this space for some finished cases







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