India Report

I have written a semi official report about my trip to Istanbul / India and am going to post it in stages, covering a few days at a time. I hope to include a few photos.


Quilters Guild Teachers Travel Bursary Report

Gillian Travis March 2014

“I watched the film Exotic Marigold Hotel on the plane on the way home. I had tears in my eyes, I was tired from the 24 hour delay caused by missing the connecting flight and emotional from having had such an amazing time in India.

I have been to India several times, each time it has been a fabulous experience, to get the best out of India takes a huge amount of planning and patience. Things don’t always go the way that you expect but often what does happen is a surprise and a better experience

Travel is entertaining, food delicious; weather in February usually perfect and visually the countryside and landscape stunning. But it is the friendly helpful and colourful people and the craftwork that makes it so interesting for me.

I spent many hours carrying out research, sent masses of emails and had an exhausting schedule planned. There were only a couple of arrangements that didn’t go according to plan; unfortunately it is not possible to plan for people cancelling at the last minute.

I am bursting with stories to tell and my head is full of new ideas for quilts, and

I have learnt many new skills.

Did I really manage to get through the airport without paying excess baggage?

I have written a long and hopefully entertaining report…….

I love to travel and with the flight paid for with the bursary and having worked so hard in December and January to get ready for an exhibition it seemed a good idea to add a few more days to the trip.

I travelled in India last year with Annie Smith who teaches Embroidery and Patchwork and Quilting City and Guilds in Harrogate. Always up for an adventure Annie wanted to join me.  We intended to travel on a tight budget.

By travelling in this way it gave us an insight into the country, the people and more importantly the textiles.

I record my travels by taking thousands of photos and use these photos to illustrate my talks and as inspiration for my quilts.

After much research we decided to spend the first week in the Kolkata and Orissa region and the second week in Gujarat. An extra bonus was to be a stopover in Istanbul and Mumbai. Feeling 25 again we set off for an adventure.

Thursday 13th February

Friday 14th February

In less than 24 hours in Istanbul we managed to make a brief visit to the Blue Mosque,IMG_0946



took masses of photos at Rustem Pasha Mosque. Visited Topkapi Palace, the Carpet museum and tasted Turkish delight from the Spice market.

















We boarded the plane for an overnight flight to Mumbai and an internal flight to Kolkata.

More photos to come soon when I sort the next lot




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