Saturday 1st March

The next day we caught the plane to Mumbai. We had hoped to meet a collector of rural quilts but she was unable to see us.I was so disappointed, so we spent our time visiting the Prince of Wales museum, the Central station, Crawford market and the Gateway of India.




IMG_5228 IMG_5220 IMG_5238 IMG_5268 IMG_5269 IMG_5247 IMG_5294 IMG_5289 IMG_5308

IMG_5318 IMG_5313

I had very clear memories of being in this area when I visited in 1982

IMG_5350 IMG_5406

We wandered through Dhobi Ghats where most of Mumbai’s washing is done. We were amazed that items don’t get lost. I have masses of photos.

Sunday 2nd March

We had breakfast in Leopold’s – it still has the bullet holes in the wall from the shooting there in 2008


We visited the Hajji Ali, the mosque that is out to sea on a causeway.





Small children were sitting in the sun begging. This was the first time we had really seen the more distressing side to India.

There are no textiles collections in Mumbai so we went shopping in Fabindia – I did buy myself some new clothes and it is good to see how they have taken inspiration from rural crafts in India to design and mass produce some very trendy and saleable items.

We finished our day with a lime and soda on a rooftop terrace overlooking the Gateway of India.

Monday 3rd March

The plane was delayed; we missed our connecting flight and ended up having to have an extra night in Istanbul!

Such a shame, for our trip to end in this way.

Thank you so much to the Quilters Guild for giving me the chance to learn so much. I have so much to think about, opportunities to follow up, skills and experiences to share, and 5000 photos to keep looking at to remind me of such a fabulous trip.

Thanks to all the lovely people we met along the way, most have so little but are so cheerful and content with life.

Finally thanks to Annie for coming with me, I could have probably done most of the traveling on my own but it was much more fun having someone else who is just as passionate about textiles as me.

We just want to go back!


2 thoughts on “

  1. How wonderful to read your blog of your most recent trip to India. I have so enjoyed it. I am looking forward to taking the Indian Ladies class from you when you come to visit us here in Montreal Canada.

  2. I too have enjoyed following your blog with diary and photos of your Indian study visit. You are an amazing lady, where do you get your energy? I look forward to meeting you later in the year.

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