Ailsa Craig Canada

I am teaching here in Canada at the Alisa Craig Community Quilt Festival.
It feels such an honour to have been invited and have the opportunity to be part of such a fabulous community. It is only a very small village, almost everyone in the village seems to participate and the atmosphere is fabulous.
The quilts, all from the UK look amazing and the variety of techniques and styles makes for a really good exhibition. It has also been good to meet many of the trustees from the Quilters Guild and spend some time with them. We all feel proud to be representing the UK.
I am teaching most of the week so have lots to do but have a chance to meet lots of students.










One thought on “Ailsa Craig Canada

  1. Hi, Gillian, if you remember, i am french and I have bought your book. I have done 3 cards and pockets, inspired by Olivier Follmi’s photos and your technic (approximatively) An I edit them on my blog next friday or saturday. I shall give your link. So, it’s not so well done, please only an atmospher of my so loved India where I was 4 time… If you visit my blog, please, leave a comment………….I shall be so happy!

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