November Residential


Lake district Residential

Abbot Hall

Grange over Sands

November 24th – 28th


This includes all tuition, bed, breakfast and dinner in a single ensuite room

Every year I organise a residential course in the Lake District.

The subject for the week always brings much discussion from my existing students.

I have listened to them and to the comments from previous students who often like to return for a week of good company, good food and a chance to spend a week doing the things they love.

I now have a programme and have up until now not taken any bookings. I have just been too busy!

Please note

All rooms are ensuite, you may have a room with 2 beds in it but you will be the only one in that room

The course starts on Monday at 1pm. Please make sure you have had your lunch by then or bring a packed lunch.

It finishes at 12ish on the Friday

The timetable is as follows

Tuesday – Thursday

9am studio

12.30 – 4.00 free time.

4.00 Tea and Cake

4.30- 6.15 studio

6.30 Dinner

8.00 Studio

Monday Drawing, photography, designing, research,

Tuesday Block printing, making blocks, screen printing, discharge with decolourant, stencilling

Wednesday Appliqué and machine stitching

Thursday machine stitching

Friday finishing off

I will be encouraging students to make a large hanging / quilt. This is not essential but I thought it might be better than making lots of smaller samples.

We will take our inspiration from the surrounding landscape but this year I would like to look more at the individual flora and fauna and make the flowers, grasses, ferns more stylised. We will start by researching styles eg 1950’s

More information is available

Please email me for more information

or phone for for more information

£50 deposit will secure you a place.

So far  have not taken any deposits but would like to do so now

The retreat is still going ahead and I will need to take deposits for this week soon.

Please make cheques payable to Abbot hall

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IMG_6705 IMG_6703 IMG_6704



New work

I’ve done loads of travel in the last few months but I still need to keep making quilts. I have loads of ideas for new work but no time!

Here is the finished journal quilt and an another new one on the way. i want to try to make 3 inspired by my Canadian trip for an exhibition.


Image 2

Image 3

I have just finished the Dislocation quilt for the CQ challenge – at last! the deadline is only a few days away.

Here is my explanation


I started this challenge by finding out what dislocation meant. The dictionary said “an event that results in discontinuity”.

I am an admirer of the work of Stig Lindberg a Swedish designer. I love his design work based on bottles and vases. A broken vase would cause the pattern to discontinue. My quilt is made using simple applique techniques and machine quilting.

The finished quilt is 120cm x 50cm

Image 5

Here is the sample required (20cm x 20cm)

The colours on the photos seem very pale but they are bright!











Image 1


I am teaching in Scotland for a couple of days this week, The weather has been beautiful and I have, as always taken masses of photos, and am inspired to make a couple of journal quilts based on the fabulous landscapes of Scotland. there is no better place when the sun shines.
Here are some photos of the class today. I just had to take these photos – it doesn’t look much fun – does it? It was, just the ladies were so focused in what they were making they wouldn’t stop!!
Here are some photos of the flowers they made – you can see just how productive they were by the number of flowers made in a day.



One of the ladies today showed me the latest copy of Workbox magazine – I wrote this article limits a year ago and am pleased with the way they have done the graphics





Here are some photos I have taken in the last few days

This one is me on the top of Ben Nevis






















New journal quilts

I feel way behind with my Journal Quilts and had a small quilt to make for May and one for June so yesterday I made one and am almost finished another.
Whilst in Toronto we were introduced to the Hudson’s Bay Blanket by Jennie who we stayed with.
They were for sale in shops all over Canada and I love them. The history is very interesting. I bought a mug and am enjoying drinking my coffee from it.


I would love to have bought a blanket but they are very expensive, so when we saw the fabric for sale in a fabric shop we just had to buy some. I have stitched around the edge of my piece of fabric so I now have a small Hudson’s Bay blanket.



I bought a copy of the book so will eventually read all about them in more detail.

So here is my latest Journal didn’t take long to make but will remind me of my time in Canada

I started making My June Journal quilt last night.
I took a photo of a small doll made by Inuit people that I saw in the museum in Ottawa.

I have painted the background, added some appliqué and will now add some stitch. It won’t take long the finish so I will soon have May and June quilts finished. Next week I will start on my dislocation quilt that needs to be finished for the end of June. Panic! As I have lots of teaching to do in June!


Almost the end

Our trip to Canada and the USA is almost at an end, and we leave today.
It has been a fabulous 3 weeks., and I have more then 2000 photos to remind me of the trip.
The teaching has all gone really well and I hope that by now there are some finished quilts and art work done by students.
I have a large bag full of new things to take back with me and it will be exciting to look through all the new things I have bought along the way.
As I think about all the places we have been it is the people that I remember most, there are just so many I want to remember.
The most difficult thing has been the goodbyes, we have made so many good friends, people who we would love to have spent so much more time with. I hope we get an opportunity to meet some of them again.
After leaving Montreal we have had a few days holiday in New York. Visiting museums and galleries and doing some shopping and lots of walking. It was hot and sunny and the sky blue.

















We visited the American folk culture museum.
Here are some photos of the quilts




We are now in New Jersey visiting a friend and yesterday had a fabulous day having breakfast a traditional Diner then went shopping at michaels, Joanne’s TJMAX and a couple of other shops. Now I have to see if it all fits in my bag!

Teaching in Montreal

Yesterday in Beaconsfield in Montreal I taught an Indian Ladies Workshop using the new backgrounds I have had printed by The Stitching Project in India.
Here is one of them, they are in a range of red, pink, orange and gold colours.

I have a few patterns that I have designed, all taken from my photos that I took whilst in India.
Students added some additional printing to the background and also painted some silver for the shisha glass.
They used either my silk that I bought whilst in India or used their own for the appliqué.
We then added some machine stitch, with some additional hand stitching needed to finish it at home.
I was really pleased with their results, and I think they were as as well.



Now I am going to design some different patterns and backgrounds to increase the range of patterns I have to offer.
I love the designing – I just need more hours in my day to do all the things I want to!