New journal quilts

I feel way behind with my Journal Quilts and had a small quilt to make for May and one for June so yesterday I made one and am almost finished another.
Whilst in Toronto we were introduced to the Hudson’s Bay Blanket by Jennie who we stayed with.
They were for sale in shops all over Canada and I love them. The history is very interesting. I bought a mug and am enjoying drinking my coffee from it.


I would love to have bought a blanket but they are very expensive, so when we saw the fabric for sale in a fabric shop we just had to buy some. I have stitched around the edge of my piece of fabric so I now have a small Hudson’s Bay blanket.



I bought a copy of the book so will eventually read all about them in more detail.

So here is my latest Journal didn’t take long to make but will remind me of my time in Canada

I started making My June Journal quilt last night.
I took a photo of a small doll made by Inuit people that I saw in the museum in Ottawa.

I have painted the background, added some appliqué and will now add some stitch. It won’t take long the finish so I will soon have May and June quilts finished. Next week I will start on my dislocation quilt that needs to be finished for the end of June. Panic! As I have lots of teaching to do in June!



One thought on “New journal quilts

  1. You did a great job of the blanket. So p,eased to hear you enjoyed your stay in Canada. We lived having you here in Montreal. It was a fabulous workshop.

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