New work

I’ve done loads of travel in the last few months but I still need to keep making quilts. I have loads of ideas for new work but no time!

Here is the finished journal quilt and an another new one on the way. i want to try to make 3 inspired by my Canadian trip for an exhibition.


Image 2

Image 3

I have just finished the Dislocation quilt for the CQ challenge – at last! the deadline is only a few days away.

Here is my explanation


I started this challenge by finding out what dislocation meant. The dictionary said “an event that results in discontinuity”.

I am an admirer of the work of Stig Lindberg a Swedish designer. I love his design work based on bottles and vases. A broken vase would cause the pattern to discontinue. My quilt is made using simple applique techniques and machine quilting.

The finished quilt is 120cm x 50cm

Image 5

Here is the sample required (20cm x 20cm)

The colours on the photos seem very pale but they are bright!











Image 1


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