Almost ready for FOQ

At this time of year I seem to spend much of my time getting ready for FOQ.

I am almost ready! Kits are finished – just waiting for them to come back from the printers. New cards being printed and more copies of my book.

I have had 2 lovely days at the Bramble Patch doing Open Studios meeting some nice people who came in to the shop.

I got myself organised before I left and had a plan of what i wanted to do whilst i was there.

So I finished my latest Voyage quilt







Finished my August CQ Journal Quilt based on some photos I took whilst in FranceIMG_9926


And then did the next Journal Quilt for September based on the photos I took whilst cycling in Holland in MayIMG_9925I started to make the new flowers for the next set of kits, but didnt finish them. They will be slightly bigger than the previous flowers, have some shell buttons included in the kit and be in shades of pink, blue and purple. So you should be able to buy a pink set, a blue set or a mixed set.

I am also working on 4 more Indian Lady designs for the new kits.

Everyone seems to like the new backgrounds so I have ordered more – this time in a neutral colour way – greys, browns etc

Looking forward to next week at the NEC!



2 thoughts on “Almost ready for FOQ

  1. Love your latest voyage quilt. Glad you have caught up with yourself and are almost ready for FoQ. Will see you there. Ann

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  2. I was so pleased to meet you at Bramble Patch. Love your work, your energy and enthusiasm. Hope all goes well at FoQ will come and see you there.

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