Wonderfil Accent thread

The Festival of Quilts is over for another year and I thankfully don’t have too much teaching work so I am using my time to make some samples for future workshops and complete a few more quilts that I need to make for various challenges.

I promised Malwina from Wonderfil that I would make some samples for their stand for the September show. I am a great fan of their Spaghetti and Accent thread.

Here is the “Toran” i have made using all Accent thread. The thread is thick so you need to use a top stitch needle. It is so easy to use, it never breaks and I just love the colours and the sheen.




I am teaching a course in February that includes making an Ipad cover so i have made a new one. It features a clever little extra to get the ipad out easily and again I have used Accent thread. I have used the bits of hand dyed wool that were left over from my Tigers and Goats game



I wanted to try to complete my series of Indian men for Voyage group, so here is another in the series. Anyone that has been to India will know that this is just as common a sight as the Indian women.







One thought on “Wonderfil Accent thread

  1. Beautiful work. I have been meaning to apologise to you for disrupting your workshop on the Saturday at Festival. One of your attendees had asked me to catch her there. I am sorry for the interruption and I hope our short-ish chat didn’t disturb the other ladies.

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