New ideas

The last few months feel like they have been non stop – lots of teaching etc, and getting ready for FOQ always takes weeks of planning. 

I started selling the new Indian Ladies kits, and they sold well, i haven’t seen a finished piece yet!

They are available in 4 different designs, each design is available in 2 different colour ways – green/ blue or pink / orange

Here they are

They all have names 

Kyra, Sanjana, Anika, Annya

Just to complicate things – I have some with larger printing blocks included in the blocks.

Everyone’s should look different as everything but the clothes is included in the kit

They are all on the Shopping Cart of my website




















It is good to have time to catch up, plan new courses, finish a few things and catch up with some of my challenges, and make some attempt to tidy my studio.

I have started on 2 quilt tops – making 2 large “Pomegranate” quilts

Image 3  


Image 4

I have started the “repetition” quilt but I have only been testing out an idea, and although I like the design i am not happy with the colours and technique so maybe I will start a new one


Image 2





I have finished a commission I have made for a friend’s daughters wedding present, but I am not going to show it here until I have given it to them!


















One thought on “New ideas

  1. I arrived to your blog by chance and I fall in love with your indian ladies and your Thailand photos. As you, I love colour and travelling. Looking at your amazing quilts I realized I had seen your work before. It was in Birmingham quilt festival 2011. I had lots of photos of your stall but in that moment I was new at quilting and I didn’t feel able to make any of your patterns. After 4 years I’ve improved my skills and I would love to try to make one of your projects so I have just order two of your indian ladies kits. I hope they arrive before I leave home to go on holidays. So, please, can you send it as soon as possible?
    I enjoyed looking at the photos in your blog,they are so full of colour, so full of life, they make me feel happy. I need to see colour around me it’s because of that that all my quilts are very colourful.

    A big hug from Spain

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