European Patchwork Meeting

After visiting Basel and Mulhouse I then went on to Colmar and had a wander round the town, visiting a couple of Museums there.




I enjoyed looking at the Coptic textiles at the Natural history museum. I loved this little pieceIMG_0578

I then caught a train to Selestat, to meet up with Uta Lenk. I unfortunately tripped, and fell, hurt my knee, leg etc. A combination of carrying a heavy rucksac, a sore heel from falling off my bike and wearing varifocal glasses.

I managed to get through the next few days with ibruphofen tablets.

We then caught the bus to St Marie Aux Mines to go to the European Patchwork Meeting. I went to meet up with friends, have a look at the Quilts and help on the SAQA stand. Accommodation close to the main venue is difficult to find but thanks to Uta for the invitation to share her tent I was able to go.


We had a lot of fun, I met lots of fellow quilters from around the World and enjoyed looking at the quilts. There were so many stunning quilts but here are just a few of my favourites.

I loved Lisa Karlsson’s quilts. They were so big, I was so impressed I had to go back and have a second look, and enjoyed talking to Lisa.





I also enjoyed Jana Sterbova’s collection of 20 quilts that were all red. These 2 quilts were my favourites



It was good to see the work at Tellure, showing an ealy piece and a more recent piece from all those that have had exhibitions in the last 20 years. I like the more modern pieces for most of the exhibits but there was the occasional one that I actually preferred the early piece.

Here are a couple of quilts I particularly enjoyed looking at

Image 5

Image 6

There were far too many fantastic quilts and I have put some in an album on facebook.

I loved the Radiation gallery, Wide horizons, Work by Anne Woringer, Olivia Uffer, Pascale’s Forest For Ever quilts, Kate Dowty’s and the Australian Quilts.

The international travelling is good but I also love the teaching I do at home and today I was teaching at the Quilt Cabin. A good day with some fabulous work produced by the students, spoilt only by my aching body. I am really enjoying teaching at the Quilt Cabin in Hebden Bridge.

Image 1

Image 4

Image 3

Image 2

They are not finished, in a couple of weeks they will add some machine stitching



Yesterday I visited the Vitra Design Museum, no, I tried to but the gallery was closed, however the various buildings in the campus were open.
Here is a photo of the outside of the building designed by frank gehry.
In the sunshine it looked fabulous. Here also is the playground and the sculpture by claes Oldenburg




The Vitra Haus had some very inspiring design features and the decor inside was amazing. I have been a fan of Alexander girard’s designs for a while so it was good to see some of them in their setting.


Wouldn’t you just love a view like this

And a studio like this

But I would really like a lounge like this

Today I have been to the museum of printed textiles and to the wallpaper museum.
It was interesting to compare the difference between the block printing in India and that of France in the 18th and 19th century.
There was a superb exhibition of art nouveau wall papers some printed in England, others in France, sadly no photos allowed.






The Internet is very slow but I have some fabulous pictures.
Basel looked good in the evening sunshine last night


New International Threads Quilt, Sheep and Accent stitching

So far this week I seem to have spent many hours at my sewing machine, and have a few new pieces of work to share.

My International threads quilt is finished. The title set by Barbara from Germany was “repetition”

I took lots of photos whilst in Le Harve in France of the flats designed by Perret in the early 50’s. There are many blocks throughout the town, all with the same size and shape windows.

Image 9


I have dithered today whether to add some colour or paint and in the end decided to keep it quite conventional. It was fun to make and has very happy memories.

My latest sheep pictures seem to be very popular, I stitched these ones on a piece of Lancashire tweed that I bought at the Quilt Show in Harrogate at the weekend.

Image 10

Image 15

Image 14

On Sunday I picked up from Malwina (Wonderfil) some more Accent threads for a workshop in October and made some more ipad covers. I have made 3 more from the pieces of felt I had left over from the Tigers and Goats.

Image 12

This shows the front and back. I have the little flap to make it easy to get the ipad out worked out now. The designs were all taken from Indian textiles.

Image 7

Here are the front and back of another one. I love working on screen printed dyed wool felt.

Image 8

I now have a few ideas for new workshops – I just need now to write them up. 

My new screens that I designed arrived – I have a plan for using them but next week will be too busy.